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Friday, May 27, 2011

New Adventure

When I was fourteen years old, my youth group went on a trip to Colorado to climb a mountain. It was called Wilderness Trek. Although our youth minister, a very Rambo-esque man himself, encouraged us to "get in shape" before the trip, I did not heed that advice. I think I thought I was doing that, but walking an hour and a half a week did not really do the trick. I was not ready. I was ill-prepared for the rocky hills, the thin air and the hours of sustained, elevated heart rate. But, ready or not, it was a big adventure. The biggest I had ever had. Although I was unprepared, the journey was magnificent.

I remember snapshots from the week - the day-long climbs up rolling hills that resembled those in "The Sound of Music", the beautiful nights around a campfire, looking up at the stars and singing "Amazing Grace" to a multitude of tunes. I remember the attempted bath in a frosty stream, followed by the decision that I was not really that dirty. I remember the surprise I felt when I tasted how delicious pancakes and spam could actualIy be. I remember the night my good friend began to show signs of hypothermia, and the relief that she had by cuddling up with another friend in the sleeping bag. I remember trying to repel down the side of a cliff and crying the whole way down, while my Rambo youth minister yelled, "looking good!" at me. I remember putting my foot into a snow bank and sinking into waist-deep snow. This was followed by my brother yelling for help, "somebody come help my sister!" I remember the last day of climbing as we finally reached the summit. We sat on the top and sang, "the greatest high you'll ever feel is on a lonely mountain . . . oh, Lord you are my first love." (It was youth group in the 80's, people.) The view was beautiful. I will never forget it.

I saved a rock from the summit. I still have it among my keepsakes and my life souvenirs. I found that rock today as I was cleaning out some drawers. It meant a lot to me today as I face a new adventure.

I am writing a book. It will be called, "Life's Too Short to Miss the Big Picture - For Moms". My book will come out in May of 2012, in time for Mother's Day. The contract from the publisher came in the mail today. I admit, I am nervous. In fact, when the publishing company made contact with me, my inclination was to decline. I was honored, don't get me wrong. But then the self-doubt kicked in. What if I cannot do it? Maybe this one is just too big. But, in a leap of faith, I said yes. Michael also reassured me that I would not, in fact, run out of words.

Today, as I hold the contract from the publishing company in my hands, I am excited and anxious and a bundle of a lot of other emotions too. It's a big, new adventure. So, as I cleaned house this afternoon, I brought my nearly-25-year-old summit rock out of the drawer to remind me what I am capable of. To inspire me.

It's a new adventure. And this time, I am ready!